Happy Father’s Day!

The little kisses…

So cute!

Noah: “One day, we’re gonna have one of these with our names on it.”
Luke: “You promise?”
Noah: “I do.”

Noah: “One day, we’re gonna have one of these with our names on it.”

Luke: “You promise?”

Noah: “I do.

Snyder Thanksgiving! 
Snyder Thanksgiving! 
Noah confesses about going to see Maddie
Noah: After my father did this to you I was scared to see you. And I went to see Maddie. And I came on to her. And I tried to get her to sleep with me.
Luke: Oh.
Noah: She wouldn't. But I would have.
Luke: Right.
Noah: And you know, as well as I do, that I wanted to be with you. But look what I did to you! Look what I did to Maddie! And some part of me thinks that on some level my dad's right.
Luke: Shouts Okay, no, no! Noah, please don't. Look. You may be messed up and we may not have some nice, happy fairy-tale ending, but don't you for a second tell me that that man was right about anything!.....Especially about you.
Maddie’s not my happy ending…..you are.
Luke and Noah Taken Hostage
Luke: Noah. Noah. Hey, hey. Wake up. Wake up. Yeah, wake up. Talk to me. Talk to me. Oh, thank god.
Noah: Hey.
Luke: Hey. How are you?
Noah: I can't move.
Luke: Yeah, it's 'cause we're tied up. Zac and Zoe, remember? We're hostages.
Noah: Oh, yeah.
Luke: Yeah. How are you? Are you okay?
Noah: Uh, yeah, never better.
*Luke: No, no, no, no. Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth, baby. Don't try to be a hero.*
Noah: It hurts. It hurts a lot, and it feels like I'm burning up. Is it really hot in here?
Luke: You have a fever from a gunshot wound. It might be infected, but I sent Zoe to get you some medicine. Yeah, it was hard.
*Noah: Lucky she has a thing for your dimples. Can't say I blame her.*

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